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The FORENSYS Communications Consulting Ltd. provides business development solutions for micro-, small- and medium sized enterprises and other organizations. Our main field is marketing and EU proposal consultancy to create and strengthen competitiveness and every activity related to the implementation of the development.

The managers have more than a decade experience in the sectors of business and government, both national and international. Tamás Várhegyi worked in the field of regional development for many years while he had a passion for website development. Later his hobby became his work. He is reliable for web based solutions, website and webshop development. József Gonda has spent more time doing professional tasks than the system required during his university studies. He was finalist at Student Management Competition for years and he participated at a lot of marketing competition with great results. He was marketing trainee at multinational companies such as Hajdú Zrt. and Szabolcs Gabona Holding. As a consultant he has worked on a field of strategic planning, city development, city marketing for many years. He really found himself when he started working as a full-time marketing consultant at FORENSYS. He is responsible for marketing and campaign planning, and the harmonization of the online and offline marketing tools.

Our team in all has more than 35 year experience. We closed more than 250 consulting projects successfully. We help our clients in a wide range of sectors. Some examples of what companies we have worked with:

restaurant, hotel, car service, petrol station, woodworking, water ski and wakeboard, cluster organization, college, university, industrial park, office building, city development, fruit processing, dried fruit vendor, technology transfer center, gallery, stone processing, dentist, IT service provider, pizzeria, pastry shop, church, castle hotel, winery, jewelry manufacture, beverage wholesale, online sports magazine, health care provider, organization development consulting, tender writer, ice cream shop, online news site, farmer, heat supplier, Feng Shui consultant, worlds triathlon champion and Olympian.

Some of our clients you also may know: NOBILIS Zrt., Ruzsa Kft., Saliba's Gold & Silversmith silver manufacture, ICG Integrated Consulting Group GmbH, ML Global Systems (SeeMeGPS, Mobileye), Papa-Profi Kft. (Brelil), Karádi Rendszerház, Hotel Barbizon, Vice-Beach.

We have sponsored Zoltán Benőcs Hungarian champion and Emma Moffatt world champion and Olympic bronze medal triathlon competitor for years.

Since 2009 FORENSYS is an official partner of Google (Google Ireland Ltd.).

For our Hungarian and foreign clients we have done marketing consultancy, market research and online publishing related tasks in many countries including USA, Romania, Ukraine, France, Germany, Malta.

The knowledge, experience and relationships that we possess make it possible to provide deliberate, strategic structured communication consultancy which can be followed by measurable results and provide this with the most effective usage of the available budget.

Our colleagues are proficient in the implementation of marketing activities. These experiences help their successful consulting engagement.

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Jó titeket felhívni, mert mindig tudtok valamilyen pozitív dolgot mondani.

Lakatos Péter, Country procurement manager, IBM

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Nagyon jó, hogy átlátjátok a szolgáltatásunkat és támogatjátok a munkánkat.

Csernus Árpád, marketing vezető, SeeMe GPS Járműkövetés

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Az anyag kiváló, mint ahogy legutóbb. Ilyen minőség ismeretében szeretnék részvényt vásárolni a Forensys-ben, ha lehet:)

Janza Frigyes, cégvezető, COLONEL Kutatás-fejlesztés